Have a safe living in condominium

Have a safe living in condominium

Recently I have been asked by some new residents of Singapore county which bought a condominium or a townhouse that what portion of the property they really own. This is not surprising because in the South owner institutions are a lot more widespread than in the North, from where many new residents come, so new owners might be unfamiliar with terms such as condominiums, town houses, HOA’s, COA’s, POA’s, etcetera. First of all, in this field there are 3 basic legal Kinds of owner associations. First owning a condominium means possessing the atmosphere that’s between the bare ceiling and the unfinished flooring and out of the sheet rock in on the bare exterior walls.

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The second type of ownership is that the townhouse. Although often physically some town homes might be indistinguishable in appearance to Boulevard 88 condominiums, there’s an enormous ownership difference. In a city home the owner really possesses the building his unit is in such as the exterior walls, the roof and one half of the way through a standard wall into the adjoining unit. All areas outside the really units are common places, even decks which might be known as ‘restricted common areas’ are still common locations, but only used by the unit’s owner. Owners also as a guideline possess the property right underneath their unit and at times up to a foot from the base. The remainder of the common ground in this case isn’t possessed as an undivided interest as with a condominium, but is possessed by the company of the institution, which owners are automatically members. The principal effect of the difference is that the unit owners, rather than the institution, are responsible for the upkeep, and sometimes even the insurance of components.

The third type of ownership is that the homeowners association in which a unit owner owns a freestanding house with front, back and side yards. There could be some common ground such as roads, clubhouses or ship docks but the institution as a corporation, as with city home associations, owns these. In these more often than not all upkeep and insurance of the house is up to the device owner. A terrace home community is generally this sort of association since the expression patio house is a descriptive property term for areas with similar one-story houses and not a legal sort of ownership.

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