Kritser Park Raytown MO

Kritser Park Raytown MO

Henry C. Kritser Park Raytown or commonly known as Kritser Park Raytown is a public park located in Raytown, Missouri. This park covers the area of 12 acres, which makes it the second largest park in the region. This multi-purpose park contains many facilities for its local visitors. The Kritser Park is exactly located on 75th & Westridge & Woodson. The park is named after Henry C. Kritser who died in 1932.

Facilities in the Henry C. Kritser Park Raytown 

The park includes many amenities for its visitors; the park was established for the locals to enjoy the greenery and nature.

The facilities include two shelters (one in upper 75th & Woodson is available for the rent), two playgrounds, ball fields, a walking trail for jogging and run and shuffleboard court. The rental shelter is used for the functions and ceremonies by the residents. The reservation of the shelter is issued by the Parks and Recreation Department.

The park has four loops.

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  • Kritser loop: this loop is 0.75 miles long; it is along the perimeter of the park and it does not stay inside the trail.
  • Woodson loop: this is 0.4 miles long loop and it starts and ends at the centre of the walk. It is located on the west side upper level.
  • Westridge loop A: 0.15 miles long loop and surrounds most of the parking area.
  • Westridge loop B: this is 0.23 miles long loop and it surrounds the ball field on the lower side.

Rental Information for the shelters

In the two shelters, one is available for rent by the authorities. For the reservation of the shelter house,

  • Call or walk in to confirm the reservation of the shelters
  • Payment must be submitted at the time of reservation otherwise reservation will not be carried out.
  • A park shelter permit will be issued after the payment.
  • You need to bring the shelter permit on the date of the shelter reservation.

The park timings

Park remains open from 7 am – 11 pm.

Parks and recreation department

Smart Foundation Systems, Parks and recreation department of Raytown city manages and control all parks in the city. The Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to providing recreational facilities to its locals at a reasonable cost.

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