Pawsome Love Story: Nenu Na Nestham

Pawsome Love Story: Nenu Na Nestham

Nenunanestham is a beautiful movie which is made exclusively for animal lovers. You will like this movie for sure if you are an animal lover. This is a love story of gundu and shanker. This movie is really heart touching, it makes your heart pound and break at the moment. It will definitely make you feel like it’s the world which is filled with love. The whole story revolves around Shanker and Gundu who is a dog. This movie sends a message that dogs are humans’ best friend. It is a new telugu movies online, do enjoy the love of dogs. Nenunaanestham movie online is available on Aha.


Nenunanestham is a great movie which tells the love that a pet can show to humans. It’s definitely a heart melting movie. If you give you the same love that pet gives you. We should always show the love which is shown by dogs. So the story begins with Shanker loving his wife. They have a beautiful relationship. Shanker is an auto driver. His life goes fine according to his financial stability. One fine day a dog ran behind. He falls for the dog at the first look. It is extremely cute and innocent. Shanker starts treating the dog as his best friend. Drinks with,  bathes him and loves him so much. He spends most of the time with him. He names him as Gundu as it is his friend’s name. Because of that reason he and his wife have lots of disturbances. He just wanted both of them, but wife leaves the home and goes back. He faces lots of difficulties but Gundu is always with him and always tries to make him feel safe and happy.

Technical Aspects:

  • The dog is awesome, the way they trained the dog to be so active in the movie is mindblowing. He was extremely cute and beautiful to watch him on screen.
  • The story, it directly hit the audience without any doubt. It will make you feel like the world is filled with love. For some people dogs are happiness.
  • The music of the movie is completely justified. The whole music feels like you are in the movie with the character.
  • The cinematography clearly could be better. The movie is all visually not so great.
  • Editing of the movie is also basic. It’s okay but very simple. Because story dominating visually isn’t important.

Reasons To Watch:

  • It’s the best movie to watch if you are an animal lover. You will enjoy how it vibes with love.
  • The love of a dog is natural and pure, which melts the heart of the person immediately. 

Cast and Crew:

Cast: Shivraj,K.R.Pete, SamyukthaHornad,Govindgowda, RocklineSudhakara

Director: Srinivas Thimmaiah

Story : Srinivas Thimmaiah

Release date: September 2020

Genre: Drama

OTT platform: Aha Video

Watch Nenu Na Nestham movie online with your pets. These kinds of new Telugu movies are spending happiness.

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